The Rosie the Riveter Movement

Creating projects that pull America together

Ring your Bell for Rosies at the same moment as others across America and other nations ring their bells

Labor Day, Sept. 5th - 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Wherever you are, ring a bell to say,
“Time’s up!
Work with a Rosie the Riveter now"

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Look for the location nearest you to join us


Photo by Loretta Simons
A room was named for Rosie the Riveters on October 7, 2013, at the HI-Harpers Ferry Hostel in Knoxville, MD. From left to right are Crena Anderson who riveted planes in MD, Paula Abelow who was a drafter for an optics company in New York City, Dorothy Davenport who worked on a dairy farm that produced food for our troops in IL, and Ruth Staples who worked on the B&O Railroad in MD.


Bluebirds in Brunswick moving fast.
Brunswick, MD to be the first Bluebirds for Rosies Community in America.
The town of Brunswick, MD will honor Rosie the Riveters by being the first Bluebirds for Rosies Community in America. The bluebird symbolized hope during World War II, so "Thanks!" and Rosies started hanging bluebird houses the first Monday of April, which was occupied by a bluebird pair the following Thursday.


Photo of bluebird pair courtesy of Doug Jolley, WV Dept. of Agriculture.
Keep following our work with Brunswick. The houses are made in America.

The West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Project: A Example for America

Over three years, we have proven that educating about Rosie the Riveters has a far more dramatic impact on youth, adults, Rosies, and communities when Rosies are included to: a) educate about themselves, b) help communities create replicable projects to teach about Rosies (e.g create parks, DVD/CD of interviews), and c) preserve their histories.

We have created more than 20 ways for Rosies and others to educate, including original music, a documentary film, quilts by Rosies, historic visits by Allied Nations, and parks that tell the Rosie story.

In March, 2012, The Today Show taped 50 Rosies in Charleston, WV.

Our work helps America seize this brief moment in America to work with our Rosies for lasting, meaningful education. Let us know if you want to learn from us or help.

Future Goals of Our Rosie Model:

Long-term, we hope to advance that women will play new, positive roles in our changing world.

Launching the National Rosie the Riveter Movement

Some ways you can participate are to help with: