What We Do

Our job is to inspire people to find Rosie the Riveters before it is too late, and to get people to work with Rosies to leave a permanent record of what people can accomplish together. We like to pull people up so that they are proud of themselves and their part in helping to face challenges of the human family.


The most basic information about Rosie the Rivers comes from interviewing them. Every interview should include the woman’s permission (if she is legally able to give it), questions about her work, what she has seen over the century of her life, information that inspires the world today and into the future, and what Rosies have seen and what they want for the human family.¬†


While you collect the details of a Rosie’s life, plan with her what can be left in her community and in other places to leaves lasting evidence of Rosies and their legacy. Remember that all projects should be something that you are proud to help create.


Reach out to your community, to all America, and to other nations to share what you have learned about Rosies. Be sure to have an open mind so that you can learn from others. The Rosies the Rosie Movement is to learn how to work together without protest or blaming. Whatever project you choose (e.g., music, a park, a scrapbooks, an event) be sure to follow the Rosie legacy – do quality work in a supportive tone so that others will be inspired by what you do in the short time left in Rosies’ lives.¬†

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