Rosie Contributions

Major contributions of Rosies are:

  1. Their highest quality work helped to win and shorten WWII
  2. Nurtured men wounded in body and spirit
  3. Pioneered women in the workforce
  4. As older women they are showing what senior citizens can do to pull America together as they did in WWII.
 Why are Rosie the Riveters Important?

  1. America promises that women are equal. It’s important to ask Rosies what they did and to tell them how important their work was.
  2. Rosies are a model for women and girls – women can do much more than they imagined, and do excellent work. Rosies show us that we should try new things and do good work.
  3. Rosies show that women’s strengths are important to society.
  4. Rosies reveal fuller understanding and facts about:
    • World War II
    • The Women’s Movement
    • The problems of caring for injured veterans
    • The value of older persons
    • How to pull together to achieve a needed, common good
  5. Girls and young women learn about women’s strengths first-hand from Rosies.
  6. Rosies help us all see that many people who contribute are not loud about it – that many women have worked quietly behind-the-scenes to advance and heal.
  7. Rosies are dying – we have a very short time to know them, learn from them, and work with them to teach the future about their importance.
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