We have created and tested many projects to give you ways to work with Rosies to make their legacy know and to assure that it guides “the people” far into the future. 

To chose a project, think “SASSY” – choose on that is Sustainable, Achievable, a Simple Statement (for the Rosie legacy), and speaks to Youth. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

“Rosie work” is continuous (e.g., to interview Rosies, develop partnerships, help others honor Rosies), Examples of work we have done with many partners includes:

  1. June 2008-April 2014. For project photos s you might choose, click here.
  2. April 2014-April 2019. We have not yet summarized the work since 2014 into one document. Some major work has been:
    1. The annual Ring a Bell for Rosies Event, starting Labor Day, 2016.
      Partners are most helpful and diverse (national and international).
      (Click here for list of locations in 2018.)
    2. Continued work to find and work with partners and places.
    3. Outstanding support from Allied Nations (see International) including:
    4. The Netherlands, including an event thank Rosies at their embassy in Washington, two trips to Nijmegen hosted by the National Liberation Museum, 1944-45, meeting the king and queen at Arlington Cemetery, and their participation in bell ringing, in Washington and the Netherlands.
    5. The Embassy of Belgium’s Emissary spoke at the National Cathedral, 2017.
    6. The Embassy of France invited us to celebrate their work to educate about the battles of World War II.
    7. Continued work to arrange for Rosies to speak (e.g., to the National Association of Manufacturing in front of 720 manufacturers and 120 women who received awards).
    8. Continuing to give awards to those who do exceptional work to advance the Rosie Legacy (See Awards)
    9. Naming two interstate bridges, “Rosie the Riveter Bridge.”
    10. Writing a document to encourage government to take inexpensive action to help assure that the American Rosie Movement has a long-term impact for America and its principles.

Most important, we have written a business plan to launch the American Rosie Movement over the next four years. “The people” are important in its unfolding.

“What part will we play in The American Rosie Movement?”

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